Restaurant Review: Boiling Point

  In recent years, a kind of food from Taiwan called “Smelly Pot” suddenly swept the world. Boiling Point is a famous “Smelly Pot” chain store. They have brought the Taiwanese “Smelly Pot” to California and then all the way back to China. Today we will talk about the wonderful taste of “Taiwan Smelly Pot”. … More Restaurant Review: Boiling Point


Chinese Holidays 101: Mid-Autumn Festival

Every nation has their own special festivals that call for family reunions, such as Thanksgiving Day for Americans. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals that brings families together. On which day, by custom, the old and young alike all get together to enjoy the bright full moon and eat delicious moon cakes. With the moonlight of the full moon and tempting moon cakes, the Mid-Autumn Festival seems like a beautiful and yummy festival. However, do you know when it is? … More Chinese Holidays 101: Mid-Autumn Festival