Restaurant Review | Fantastic Beasts Café

Can you imagine that you don’t have to go to the zoo to see an alpaca (羊驼), deer, rabbit, raccoon, and meerkat, but can see them in a small but fantastic café? In Shenzhen, it is possible! The uniquely themed Fantastic Beasts Café is a popular spot in the Nanshan district. Go check it out! A café Zootopia! Address: 海德二道天利名城B座6楼610(海岸城喜茶楼上) Coastal … More Restaurant Review | Fantastic Beasts Café

Restaurant Review: Hunan Old-style Restaurant—Hunan Lao Fan Pu

The long-awaited shopping center in Xili called Cloud City Vankely (Yun Cheng Wan Ke Li) has finally opened to public!!! It is separated into two major sections called Dongli and Xili (east and west sections). Though some of the restaurants had been open already, we recently had the first full look of the new shopping … More Restaurant Review: Hunan Old-style Restaurant—Hunan Lao Fan Pu

Restaurant Review (Bar Edition): Bionic Brew

Still feeling the heat? Summers are long in Shenzhen. Nevertheless, you have made it this far and the chances are you have something to celebrate—maybe it is finishing up the final week of a thankless internship, a reunion with friends, making it through the National Judicial Examination, or finally settling into your new home here … More Restaurant Review (Bar Edition): Bionic Brew

Restaurant Review: Dian Dou De 点都得

点都德 (Dian Dou De) is one of Guangdong’s most famous restaurants and has several branches in Shenzhen. Specializing in traditional yum cha (or dim sum) delicacies, the restaurants motto translates to “preserving the old Guangzhou yum cha culture”.  点都德 serves mouth-watering small dishes in an atmosphere that transports you back to ancient Canton. It is … More Restaurant Review: Dian Dou De 点都得

Restaurant Review: Artisans

  In the heart of Coastal City, Shenzhen, there is a small restaurant that has been melting the hearts of foreigners and locals alike with their delicious food and warm environment, its name is Artisans. Slow jazz playing in the background, a friendly owner greeting you at the door, and delicious gourmet pizza waiting to … More Restaurant Review: Artisans