Restaurant Review | Fantastic Beasts Café

Can you imagine that you don’t have to go to the zoo to see an alpaca (羊驼), deer, rabbit, raccoon, and meerkat, but can see them in a small but fantastic café? In Shenzhen, it is possible! The uniquely themed Fantastic Beasts Café is a popular spot in the Nanshan district.

Go check it out! A café Zootopia!

Address: 海德二道天利名城B座6楼610(海岸城喜茶楼上)

Coastal City (above HEYTEA)

Cost: Average 80 RMB/Per Person

This zoo-like café has been open for almost a year. It was so famous among young people and kids when it was first open. After an interruption to its business because of the pandemic prevention regulations, it is popular again! With the seemingly never-ending heat in Shenzhen finally gradually coming down, it is a great time to go see it for yourself! If you want to spend your time exploring interesting places on the weekends, why not try this café? Since people are not going out as much in this weather, there will be fewer people and you can have a closer look at these cute animals. You even have a chance to touch and play with little deer/ alpaca for 15 minutes.

The price per person is certainly more than the average café. This is because you are paying for a very special experience. There is a minimum charge of 68rmb to get into the café, a lot of the drinks or snacks are an additional 30-40rmb. It’s still much cheaper than actually visiting the zoo (Shenzhen Safari Park = 240rmb!) and you get a much better experience with the animals.

Why not have a bird standing on your arm?

I was so afraid at the beginning. But as long as you tell the waiter that you want the bird to stand on your arm, he will instruct you and the bird will behave itself well. Don’t be afraid. Come and have a try!

Just for the Photos

Here are some pictures: There’s a particular cat home with 6 to 7 cats. Be careful of the white ones. They might not be so friendly.

There is the hall for you to sit and chat. You may also see a pig rushing from back and forth from time to time. Also, some animal food is available for purchase so you can feed animals.

What about if the humans are hungry?

If you are hungry, you can order some delicious cake. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so happy with the food selection though. It’s much better to get your food before or after visiting the café if you are going to be hungry. To my disappointment, the food service is very limited. I wanted to order some special things, but sadly there was not so much to choose from. The Group Purchase Special (团购套餐) includes sausage and lemon soda. They can hardly be called delicious …

Also, from my experience, I don’t think those animals are being nicely treated or they might just hate being confined. For example, some animals just stay still and don’t move, while the raccoon keeps tapping the window.

To be honest, I went there for the animals out of curiosity the first time. However, there was not anything at the café that would make me want to go another time.

Find some free time, take your friends to check out this amazing zoo café~ But it probably won’t become your regular hangout spot.

Written by Rosy Wu

Photos by Rosy Wu


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