Breakfast at Nanyan——7 Ways Students are Starting their Day!

What do you need to have a good morning? If you need some fuel for a productive day, then you should squeeze in breakfast.

Most of us on campus are trying to cram in as much as we can into one day, especially when it comes to a little extra sleep! If this is you, you might be rushing each morning to the lab or class. But it still helps to not get your day started on an empty stomach.

Did you have breakfast? What’s your breakfast? What does breakfast mean to you?

The Nanyan News Agency recently talked with several students about their breakfast routines. They shared what their breakfasts are and how they think of breakfasts. Although everyone’s eating habits are slightly different, which shows in their different breakfast choices, they all have positive attitudes towards life by their choices of breakfast.

We find that there are plenty of ways to still savor a little breakfast in the morning, even if you are in a rush.

Let’s take a look!

Jose Shin (PHBS):I usually have cereal with milk, or two sandwich-breads with peanut butter or honey. Back in my home country we also make scrambled eggs, plantains, black beans, bread and a glass of orange juice. I choose to have cereal or bread as breakfast because it can be prepared very fast. It saves my time. Breakfast is important because it gives you energy to work until noon.

Henry Kim (PHBS):I usually have breakfast in No.2 Canteen before going to class, where there are many staples to choose. I like to have baozi and porridge together, but when I am feeling very hungry, I also add a pancake or fried egg. I think porridge can help with digestion. This has been my routine since I lived on campus. Breakfast provides energy and nutrition for the whole day’s activities. I also think that it is important to start the day with eating something that you like.

Daisy Xia (STL):I treat breakfast very seriously, because I believe a good breakfast starts for a successful day. A good breakfast doesn’t need to be rich but should be nutritious. There are not many choices on campus, and the line is very long at around 8am. I usually eat an egg, a baozi stuffed with vegetables and have a glass of milk. I love this combination, it’s simple, satisfying and altogether nutritious. Eggs and milk are very healthy choices for breakfast, they contain high-quality protein and low levels of fat.

Cathy Luo (STL):The light in the 快乐食间 is not on. I walk inside with my plate. Through the noisy outer room, my footsteps began to be clear and audible. My breakfast is egg + baozi + Oatmeal Milk. I put down the bag and break the eggshell. I peel the skin one round, with the egg showing full, clean and tender.

Outside the window, the trees are green and the sky is blue. The morning light is gentle, permeating into the canteen. I think the world outside of the window is waking up.

Even if there is morning light, it is still dark. When I bite the baozi, the taste of meat blooms in the mouth. Then I scoop oatmeal milk up. I feel tranquil after these processes.

It’s good to have a breakfast without having to rush to the class. It’s good to start like this in a day.

Emma Zhao (STL): My breakfast is often a banana because I often go to bed late and get up late. I often have breakfast after 9 am. I can’t eat too much, otherwise I won’t be able to eat lunch. Banana is fragrant and sweet, rich in vitamins. It can also fill my stomach but not too full. Hence, banana is my best choice. As a busy law student, breakfast is important for me in that it is nutritious and it can pave the way for my lunch. I hope I can have more time to enjoy breakfast in the future.

Rita Wu (STL): Several times a week, when I do not have class at 8:00, I will eat breakfast in McDonald’s. In winter, I will order hot coffee and hamburgers. In summer, I will prefer the deep-fried dough sticks and porridge, which will be easier for me to digest. Breakfast for me is the beginning of every wonderful day. Having a good start helps me remain in good condition in the morning. Also, if you eat breakfast in Mcdonald’s or near the lake, you can listen to the music broadcasted by Mcdonald’s. We should enjoy everyday life. Let’s start from the breakfast.

Noah Su (STL): The photo features a Cheung Fun(“肠粉”), which has long been the popular dish in Guangdong’s breakfast. Cheung Fun is mainly made of a steamed rice skin, and under its surface there can be as many ingredients wrapped as your imagination can go. This “rice roll + anything else” formula allows Cheung Fun’s presence both on the luxurious table of a five-star hotel, and on its most modest counterpart of a small breakfast shop. But however the price tag changes, its magic remains, and that’s probably where the magic lies.

Their breakfasts look delicious! Breakfast brings them health and happiness. After seeing the above breakfast choices, are you attracted by the different options? Do you want to try their breakfast style? We hope you take breakfast seriously, explore the diversity of breakfast and start a good day with a full stomach!

By Anita Wu


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